5 Things to Know Before Sending Your Elders to Assisted Living Homes

Have you heard about Assisted Living? Is it different from other types of senior care communities? Learn more from our blog about it. Here is a summary view of what it provides in general.

  1. Different level of care for giving a dignified life to senior citizen
  2. Better residential facilities with more scope for socialization
  3. Health care providers with help of healthcare agencies or personal care staff

It Provides Different Levels of Care

There is no particular definition for it, in any country or regulation till the date. But, a generalized form of these facilities offer differing levels of care. This is more cost effective residential approach, to delivering many of the same services available in skilled nursing. There you will also find engagement in either home health agencies or personal care staff. All this gives people facing age-related problems, a dignified life.

Unique in Size and Architecture

Each community is different from others in the form of formal, and traditional design. Some may have a more home-like, down to earth ambiance while some communities may have art decor more firmly grounded in mid-century modern design.

Assisted Living Homes are available in all shapes and sizes, from towering apartment buildings in city centers to sprawling complexes in the suburbs. Smaller communities cater to a small number of residents while larger cater to a big number. They are licensed to care for at least 20 people, but could accommodate as many as hundreds of residents.

Pets May or May not be allowed

Senior living communities have different pet policies. They can have specific breed restrictions and weight limits, so you should research thoroughly before finalizing any of them. Birds and fish are also welcome in many communities while some communities have Pet Coordinators for better upkeep of pets. So, make sure to contact your communities of choice and ask about their particular policy.

Choose According to Your Budget

It is often less expensive than home health or nursing home care.Different services offer Cost Calculator to help you determine the cost of assisted living in your city and state. It is much lower than the cost of maintaining a home or employing a full-time home care aide.Before taking any step, a thorough knowledge of all these types will help you. This shouldn’t be confused with Nursing Homes.

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