Dear Families,

In a matter of few days, our world so rapidly changed. Early March, we began our preparation process for COVID-19. We initiated review of all our Pandemic policies, practices, process and systems to ensure that we were well positioned to continue deliver quality care and services to our elderly.

By March 08, staff and visitor’s health assessments were implemented.  At the same time, we initiated body temperature screen on all our elderly. Our elderly’s body temperature was taken once every two hours. Our staff were assessed twice during their work shift for body temperature greater than 98.6 Fahrenheit and COVID-19 symptoms. COVID-19 questionnaire assessment was also rolled out around the same time,

By March 13, we rolled out virtual visits and restricted visitors to all our communities. It was a very difficult decision to take especially when other communities in the state were still allowing visitations. Despite not being a popular decision, I felt it was critical for me to erect a virtual barrier to prevent the virus entering any of our communities.

Every morning I have a conference call with the senior leadership from the Lantern communities. The community leadership meets with their team every day to discuss and implement protective and care related strategies to ensure that every elderly is preserved and protected. The staff are trained almost daily on COVID-19 symptoms and prevention. The staff are inspired to monitor and support each other to ensure that they stay healthy and well. Educational programs were implemented to ensure that our staff’s families are well and healthy.  

At this time, all the three communities have adequate PPE to combat an outbreak if it occurs. We continue to work with our contracted vendors and various suppliers in and around the world to procure PPE. Soon, we will have thirty sanitizing stations in every community.

Our objective and goal are to stay steps ahead and do whatever it takes to protect every human being in our communities. I’m extremely grateful to my seniors, families and staff. They have been incredibly supportive and understanding of the Pandemic. Our elderly seniors are simply terrific, understanding, selfless and have been an integral part of our Pandemic prevention process. We couldn’t have accomplished what we did in a quick short period of time without their support and love. Their unending trust inspires and motivates us to continue to care and serve them the way they prefer and desire.

My staff and I are incredibly lucky to have an opportunity to serve our elderly seniors.  We know it is difficult times and things change by minute. Our elderly deserves the best and we at the Lantern are committed and determined to give them the best.

As always at your service,

Jean Makesh, CEO

Lantern Group

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