How Art Projects Can Help Seniors With Dementia

How Art Projects Can Help Seniors With Dementia: Facts Caregivers Should Know

Since time immemorial, art has not only enriched cultures and civilizations but has served as an endeavor for people to derive meaning in their lives. For many, it has even proved therapeutic. We don’t need to look further than its benefits for dementia to see this. They’ve already been established by studies and first-hand accounts of caregivers.

This is why we can without any qualms whatsoever that caregivers should start considering how they’re able to make a positive impression on prospects in this regard — particularly, to locals who are searching for “senior living near me”. It is further supported by the following facts.

Art Is a Powerful Experience for Those with Dementia

The reason for this is that, when we examine how art benefits dementia sufferers, we can easily see that it becomes a therapeutic outlet. Research conducted on the topic can prove as much.

According to them, dementia Seniors who took part in aesthetic- and creativity-based activities such as sculpturing enjoyed remarkable boosts in mood, concentration, independence, self-confidence, and even their overall physical health.

All in all, these serve as the main reasons why more art projects should be encouraged among people with dementia:

  • We have to take into consideration the satisfaction that humans can derive from having created something. In people with dementia, this is crucial because they tend to suffer from short-term memory loss. 
  • Since these projects can be done as a group, they can improve the seniors’ communication skills as well. 
  • Many activities can also be done in such a way that they’ll be extra memorable. It’s all about adding your creative twists, which will only serve to stimulate newer memories among your residents. Art takes on the challenge of dementia that results in memory impairment this way. 
  • Who says every kind of expression should be solely concerned with language? Creative pursuits serve as a way to express oneself in a more non-verbal manner. As you probably know, dementia tends to negatively impact a person’s ability to speak, too.
  • As a whole, art also has a way of ridding us of our worries and anxieties. Dementia seniors are more prone to them. Taking part in art projects allows them to shift their focus elsewhere. Think of it as another form of meditation. 

Also, isn’t the seemingly simple activity of gazing at your finished watercolor painting or sculpture not only gratifying but calming at the same time?

As you can see, art clearly has perks that extend beyond stimulating our aesthetic senses. For many dementia seniors, it can be otherworldly. It can keep their passion for life high and, in turn, keep them connected to their social circles. This includes their loved ones, friends, and the community they’re currently in. 

With that in mind, it won’t be surprising if people who are searching for senior housing near me and happen to have loved ones with dementia, will start looking at how each community will actively help its residents suffering from the said condition. 

The Sky Is Often the Limit When It Comes to Various Art Activities You Can Do Together

So much so that we probably don’t even have to give you ideas about what to introduce to your residents. As long as you take into consideration their capabilities, limitations, and personal needs, you should arrive at projects that you’ll be sure will benefit them. Of course, this only underscores the need to know your residents deeply.  

Art, on the whole, is fairly flexible. The more you keep the door ajar for spontaneity to happen, the better. After all, it’s one sure-fire way of making the experience as fresh and memorable as possible. 

Staff Empowerment Is Just as Important

Caregivers will be the ones initiating the arts and crafts activities on a daily basis, after all. Therefore, managers need to pay as much attention to helping staff act based on their motivation and what they know about each resident.

Understandably, this is easier said than done. It can be quite a challenge to implement this in a healthcare setting because of regulations and the already loaded schedules of most caregivers. As a manager, you’ll have to bring a delicate balance between encouraging and training your staff to help you implement art activities consistently. All the better if you can encourage them to take the initiative. 

  • The most effective way to do this is to keep your communication line with them open. Take the time to huddle and conduct short meetings every once in a while to ensure that everyone is still working toward the same goal. 
  • It also won’t hurt to brainstorm creative, more engaging ways to conduct art projects. Base your decisions as much as possible on what is suitable for each resident. This shouldn’t be that difficult if you already have a well-gelled team. You can even offer incentives to those who take initiative. 

Ultimately, you have to focus on improving and catering to your team of caregivers. That being said, no less than the whole community should be involved. This is because once you involve the entire community, that should start the ball rolling toward the right direction (i.e. these activities will become habitual and organic and can even shape the culture of your brand in the long run).  

Lastly, keep an account of all the activities you perform together. Showcase the accomplishments of your residents on social media to enrich their experiences further and highlight what makes your community stand out. In the end, this nurtures a more harmonic environment within your community that is undoubtedly conducive to creativity. 


With the points above in mind, you may want to focus on enhancing your community’s regular art activities from now on. If you haven’t already included it, don’t delay it any further, especially if you want to establish your community’s reputation locally. This way, the more your community stands out, thanks to your proactive art initiatives, the more likely it will appear for invaluable searches like assisted living in Madison, Ohio.

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