In Assisted Living Facilities, who can dispense medication?

In Assisted Living Facilities, who can dispense medication?

Senior citizen assisted living centers come with different assisted living facilities which include medication. Proper medication has always been an essential part of the facilities provided by the assisted living centers. Medication management has been a crucial part and sensitive issue for each of these centers. Individual staff is hired to administer the medication system. By administering, it is meant that the right medicine at the right time must be supplied to the particular patient. This medication management also includes the management of residents’ medication needs. Now the question is, who can dispense the medication?

What about the prescribing doctors?

Every assisted living service has its own management system in terms of medication and its properties. There will be doctors to prescribe the best possible medicines for each patient’s particular needs regarding their diseases and interactions. It is one of the most challenging jobs, to get the proper medications for a specific patient.

Is a nurse qualified to dispense medication?

The role of a nurse is to provide clinical oversight of all residents, which includes admission, supervision, discharge, and coordination with the doctors. Some of them are trained practitioners and can participate in error management, delegation, monitoring patients, and records keeping. Assisted living facilities, sometimes, allow trained nurses with the oversight distribution of medications and also administer it under the supervision of the licensed physician.

Most of the facilities have at least one registered nurse (RN) to help the residents with the prescribed medications. They pass the medications around, including handing the resident the appropriate dosage, ordering or the delivery of the pre-packed doses, and even helping with opening and assisting with the medicine bottles. 


Doctors mainly prescribe and analyze the specific medication needs of particular individuals. Then there are trained nurses to assist the residents with their proper medication. But it is sometimes allowed that the resident takes their medication. Even though the individual is capable of taking the medication pill, it is always under the observation of the facility to assist them to be on the right track of their medication routine.

Not only this but also the staff are always ready to assist the residents with administering drops, topical ointments, etc. The staff is the core in managing all the facilities around the centers. The staff excels in accurately administering medication, which helps observe the oversight and cueing to make sure that the resident takes the proper medication as prescribed by the physician.

Role of pharmacies

With the ongoing development, pharmacies have been helping to prevent medication errors by packaging specific medicines precisely related to the residents. They even help to mark the specific dosage for certain medications. They enhanced medication management systems with pre-packaging, safer delivery ( all with excellent efficiency and accuracy).

Medication dispense system

Education and being able to communicate are the critical factors to medication management in the assisted living centers. There are several issues, including multiple pharmacies, dealing with prescribed physician orders, managing prescribed medicines, supplements, managing tests of some specific patients. Moreover, these facilities depend on medication supervisors, medication technicians to dispense, certified medication aides, and administer medications. The unique features of the assisted living services include prescribed doctors, nursing facility services, and pharmacy facilities. Here are a few views on proper medication dispense.

To develop a list of medications

Based on the patient’s old medication and even further diagnosing them, the prescribed doctor can help to assist in developing a list of medication that is needed for the patient. Suppose the doctor is already provided with earlier medications and any other symptoms of allergies. In that case, it will help in the assessment in determining if they need to change their course of medication or any other problems. When the doctor has examined all of these and approves all the medications, the final copy of the approved medication must be provided to the assisted living facility.

Medication administration

Most of the employees and staff can perform verbal medication reminders and actual medication administration, depending on which state you are in. The Lantern Indoor Assisted Living offers skilled nursing facilities under the supervision of a specific physician. You always make queries and ask Lantern of Saybrook about any issues related to their training and administer medication.

Observation to prevent errors

The employees and the staff of Lantern Lifestyle are professionally trained to take care of senior citizens (respite care for seniors). They are skilled in nursing care and healthcare services. They include state-certified nursing assistants to licensed nurses and specialize in long-term memory care facilities. Thus, your loved one will be in good health when they are in close observation of our staff. Every behavior is keenly observed, and if there are any changes in any kind of medication, it will be notified duly.

Support and care

You are the closest one to know what the necessities and needs of your loved ones are, even if they are at home or in a memory care home. Doctors always know the best for the patient. There is no healthcare professional to observe the medication of the prescribed doctor to affect the patient negatively. But everyone needs to understand that every person needs extra care and different medication has different effects on people in various ways. Whether you catch sight of or the assisted living facility staff contacts you about any behavioral pattern change after a new medication or treatment, we will act fast. Sometimes, there are people with dementia who need special care and may have been treated with different medication in a while, and it is rational.

You know what is best for your loved one. Nonetheless, the staff of the assisted living team has come to know your parents too. Here at Lantern Lifestyle, we are experienced with advocating for our residents. Our website has been customized to provide information to the patients, residents, and their families, along with healthcare professionals. We are happy to help you. Contact us for more information!


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