Lantern Lifestyle: From One Branch to Three Branch Success

April 21, 2021 — Ohio, USA

Lantern Lifestyle, a company that provides assisted living and memory care services in Ohio, went from one branch to three branches in a relatively short amount of time. Of course, much like most companies that were built from the ground up, Lantern’s secret to success lies in its unique philosophy and approach to rendering its services.

The company is an expert in the care of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, two of the most terrible and prevalent diseases of the mind. However, it’s also well-recognized America’s assisted living sphere. 

What’s at the heart of the Lantern Way and ultimately why its services became much sought-after in the state of Ohio? Svayus. It means to live life full of vigor. 

With such a concept driving your business, it’s no surprise that Lantern chooses to nourish every vital aspect of its care giving sanctuary. It empowers its caregivers and nurses as much as it continuously seeks to improve its therapeutic strategies to foster patient’s independence and better quality of life while encouraging support from family, friends, and staff. 

All of these factors coalesce to form the essence of Svayus. This, in turn, lends Lantern with such distinction in terms of performance rendering its services. The awards it has won in the field of therapeutic living and the fact that it has grown to such an extent serve as excellent proof of the magic of Svayus.

“We would not have made it to this point if we hadn’t believed in and stayed true to our ideals,” says company president Sapna Dhawan. “Saying that you care for your residents is entirely different from actually performing the deed and doing so consistently and with much passion and dedication. I’m certain that our efforts to share and spread our unique lifestyle and way of healing have paid off considering where we are now.

“We are, of course, heartened by the milestones we have achieved over the years. I remember the time when we only had a handful of staff and residents, some of which, sadly, are no longer with us today. Even so, they’ll always be a part of the Lantern spirit for we are bonded by our commitment to Svayus. Everyone who has been a part of our community and took part in our tradition and care-giving can consider himself or herself a contributor to our growth.”

The three branches of the company are named Lantern of Madison, Lantern of Chagrin Valley, and Lantern of Saybrook to connote the specific areas each branch is found in the said state. All of these branches or communities have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, easily viewable in the respective Facebook pages of each one. The consistency of these reviews, of course, readily hint the equally unwavering quality of Lantern’s services.

As of this writing, the company now offers a plethora of services besides its two core ones of assisted living and memory care. It also offers nutrition consultation and planning, massage as well as a dedicated salon. It also has specialised programs that take a deeper dive into novel therapies for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Its Fountain of Life program, for example, consists of a host of activities to be performed by residents to help them improve their brain power. 

It’s not really hard to see the evolutionary signs of Lantern in how it renders its services. Without a doubt, these are the ones primarily responsible for sowing the seeds of growth, the fruits of which are the three Lanterns whose doors remain open to anyone who wishes to let no condition hold him or her back from living a full life. 

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