Nutritional Superfoods that Can Help Improve Memory

Nutritional Superfoods that Can Help Improve Memory Care and Cognitive Function

Even though there’s no certain way to prevent cognitive decline, it’s heartening to know that there are certain foods we can take to, at least, slow it down. And it’s never too late to start making these positive dietary changes. 

You’ll appreciate this fact more if you visit assisted living communities specializing in treating seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. These brain power-enhancing superfoods are backed by plenty of studies that help to keep such conditions at bay as we age. 

That said, there’s no better time than now to start consuming more of these superfoods if you want to keep your mind in tip-top shape.

1.  Berries

Berries are not only delightfully delicious, but they’re also packed full of the right antioxidants to maintain better brain health.

Blueberries, in particular, have actually been found by studies to be able to directly aid in boosting memory. They contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that give these fruits their distinctive blue color. Here’s a list of their potent benefits:

  • They can lower inflammation in the brain and can even aid in creating new nerves. 
  • They can keep cardiovascular risk and type 2 diabetes at bay. It’s not for nothing that assisted living facilities also advocate promoting general health in their programs. If there’s another organ that’s closely connected to the brain, it’s the heart.

They’re not limited to blueberries, though. Blackberries also contain a decent amount of anthocyanins, as do cherries. 

Want to know the clue blueberries give to ensure you get the maximum amount of anthocyanins when you eat them? Usually, it’s when they begin to ripen. However, it’s often fine as long as you eat them while they’re ripe. 

2.  Leafy Greens

Almost all leafy greens are regarded as superfoods in and of themselves. Who doesn’t know nutritional powerhouses like kale, spinach, and broccoli? Minimal servings of these greens daily can help you meet your daily recommended intake of essential nutrients. 

How do they specifically aid in keeping your mental faculties fit? These should give you the answer:

  • Kale, for all the nutrition it carries in every leaf, also happens to contain the highest amount of lutein. Lutein is a carotenoid that has been found to be neuroprotective for people regardless of their age. Many studies prove that lutein-rich brains tend to perform better in memory and verbal fluency tests.
  • Broccoli, on the other hand, provides people chock full of vitamin K, which has been linked to better overall cognitive function and memory.
  • And don’t forget about spinach because it’s rich in folate, a B vitamin that removes the presence of homocysteine in the body. The latter has been proven to be toxic to neurons, which are unquestionably a vital component of our nervous system.

3.  Nuts

Nuts of all types, shapes, and sizes have always been tied to better brains for good reason. People who eat nuts regularly tend to enjoy sharper memories. So what are the exact components of almonds, walnuts, pecans, and Brazil nuts that are responsible for this mind-enhancing effect?

There are three specific nutrients to look at: the antioxidants, good fats, and vitamin E. 

  • Omega-3 fats, in particular, are not only good for the heart but brain as well. The DHA found in superfoods like walnuts can mitigate cognitive decline as you age.
  • Vitamin E is one of the few vitamins that has been shown to aid the brain by keeping oxidative stress at bay.
  • The polyphenols found in most nuts can reduce brain inflammation and spur better learning and cognitive function.

Alzheimer’s and dementia may be tough nuts (pun very much intended) to crack, but they’re not unbeatable. Sometimes, the best weapons can be found from what nature already has to offer. 

4.  Fatty Fish

The omega-3 found in fatty fish very much deserves a special mention because it can actually address Alzheimer’s disease directly. How? By reducing the amount of beta-amyloid found in the blood. This protein brings about Alzheimer’s by forming the signature clumps found in people who have the said condition.

Other than that, here are some of the other reasons why senior care facilities should consider adding more omega-3-rich foods in their menus:

  • Regular consumption of omega-3 also results in better oxygen levels in the brain over time. 
  • Fat is essential for the brain and nerves, and each serving of omega-3 you take in lends to essential facets of cognition like memory and learning. 

Always beware of contaminants found in certain fish, though. Be mindful of the ones that contain high mercury concentrations. Salmon, sardines, and mackerel are good choices to start if you’re still undecided. 

5.  Tea or Coffee

You’ll more than likely want to start reaching for a cup or two of your favorite brew once you know their brain-boosting potential:

  • The caffeine in coffee (although its intake should be limited) can lead to a boost in mental function. 
  • Green tea has no shortage of essential antioxidants that greatly contribute to maintaining cognitive ability. 
  • Regularly drinking chamomile, on the one hand, soothes the brain and shields you from anxiety. 
  • We also can’t ignore the link between ginkgo biloba and better brain functioning. It can boost circulation to the brain, while cleansing your body of free radicals. It has also been found in studies to be beneficial for memory and quicker thinking. 


Did you notice one common denominator in almost all the foods included here? They’re all good for the heart as well. And that really is one of the keys to optimal brain health: an excellent circulatory system.  

Now that you know the best foods to keep your brain’s optimal performance, will you start incorporating more of them in your diet? 

That said, any senior living facility should certainly consider incorporating more of them in their residents’ meal plans. At Lantern, we are proud to say that every meal plan comes with servings of berries, coffee, and tea. 

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