The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

It’s a tough decision, to choose to send your loved one to a long-term memory care residence. But it’s a necessary one if you fear for their safety. The right memory community can be a safe haven for your loved one, with bespoke care plans that will also help them feel right at home. That being said, choosing a good senior assisted living center for your senior with dementia can also be overwhelming. With so many options at your fingertips and many other factors to think about such as cost and proximity, you could spend hours weighing up your options with little to no progress. But not to worry. Here are a few tips to help make your search process a little easier.

  • Purpose a visit to get a feel of the amenities

Many communities are willing to open their doors for prospective families to take a look around. It’s the bare minimum expectation. If the distance is an issue, consider virtual visits such as those we offer here for our senior care service at Lantern Lifestyle. 

Most communities will have some pre-set route for the tour. One with nothing to hide, however, should be willing to take you up on your detours. Touring in person is a great way to learn what your loved one is in for, in terms of the: 

  • Privacy of the room
  • Security and safety 
  • Mobility conditions

Of course, be sure to ask lots of questions during the tour. With regard to specific questions, the subsequent points we’ll talk about should give you plenty of ammunition.

  • Consider staff experience

Does your loved one have late-stage dementia symptoms? Is it just the onset starting to take root? Memory care is a particularly challenging niche. Either way, you want a memory care assisted senior living team that’s versed in dealing with a range of dementia symptoms. 

Your senior’s condition, unfortunately, may get worse before it gets better. You want properly trained staff who can step up and meet increased care demands for your loved one when that happens. Be sure to inquire about the teams:

  • Years of experience in memory care
  • Educational background
  • First-responder emergency skills, etc
  • Staffing ratio (Do they have enough numbers to meet individual needs)

At Lantern Lifestyle, our memory care team is highly-trained to meet the need of dementia residents with drastically varying severity of needs. Contact us anytime to talk about our staff’s qualifications. We’re more than happy to.

  • Read reviews online

This should probably be the first thing you do, right after you look up memory care facilities near me and way before you make that visit. Dig up reviews online about your potential choices, both on the facility’s website as well as on independent third parties. 

Better yet, hear it from the horse’s mouth. Reach out to other families in your shoes, and find out how they feel about the community and the care of their elderly with dementia. Beyond this circle, you can also discuss your reservations with a physician or medical professional in the area. Find out how they feel about the memory care center. 

  • Ask about wellness programs

You want a facility with a focus on the wellness and happiness of its residents beyond the primary responsibilities of care. A community that strives to provide freedom of choice for those in their care to be themselves, with adequate supervision, of course, is ideal. Some residents find fulfillment in:

  • Creating memory boxes
  • Grooving to their favorite jams
  • Exploring mother nature
  • Painting and art

Obviously, you know your loved one best in terms of what they like. If your senior is a sucker for the outdoors, for example, then It’s important that the community for assisted living for seniors you choose should have secure outdoor areas. 

Our community offers cognitive therapy to preserve memory and slow decline, thus enabling seniors to enjoy better relationships with their families and friends.

  • Find out how staff react to challenging behavior

Social inhibitions may fade for seniors living with dementia. This means that they may lash out, and generally not exhibit the best behavior towards caregivers. How do staff react when faced with such situations? Do they maintain their cool and approach the situation with a calm head and courteousness? That’s the type of senior community you want to choose. 

At Lantern Lifestyle, we treat all our residents just like family. We understand the strain and stress dementia can have on the elderly, and that the behavior on the outside doesn’t reflect the inside. Rather, we understand it’s a way for communicating needs that we need to address. 

  • Ask about pricing

Fee structures vary from one memory care community to the next. That’s because different, varying factors go into the care equation, including:

  • The level of care required
  • Location of the assisted living care community and more

Generally, most centers operate on a monthly payment model that traditionally isn’t inclusive of medical supplies and medication. It’s important to talk to the community to understand what other additional costs you may have to bear aside from the cost of accommodation

  • Access to healthcare

What arrangements does the facility have when it comes to healthcare access? At Lantern Lifestyle, we help facilitate visits between specialists such as speech therapists, physicians, and physical therapists, among others. This ensures a coordinated care approach between our staff and your loved one’s physician.

Of course, a good memory care community should also leave the healthcare choice in your hands. Families are open to doing just that at Lantern Lifestyle. You and your loved one can determine the healthcare provider to tend to your senior’s needs. 

Let’s discuss your memory care needs 

Open to suggestions? We would like to throw our hat in the ring if you’re looking for centers providing quality assisted living near me. Let’s discuss your priorities, the level of care your loved one needs, and possible nutrition plans for your senior. We pride ourselves in providing a safe memory care environment that’s not just about safety but fun as well. Our immense experience with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia makes us the go-to for assisted living in Madison Ohio. Contact us today.

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