Timeline for a Stress-Free Move to Assisted Living

Timeline for a Stress-Free Move to Assisted Living

A Guide to making the move to senior living. Although the move from one’s home to a new home is a life-changing experience, it does not have to be fraught with stress and anxiety. Lantern Lifestyle has helped many seniors make the transition into assisted living.

Once a senior’s family makes the decision to move to senior living or assisted living, downsizing is the first step in making the move. Fortunately, there is a timeline to stay organized to go through this process to minimize the stress on moving day.

Here are the Checklists for a Stress-Free Move to Assisted Living:

  • Decide where and when to start
  • Stay organized with a clear plan 
  • Give yourself enough time
  • Determine what’s really necessary to keep and what to donate or throw away
  • Choose a new place & new location
  • Evaluate your moving place
  • Choose a place based on quality & hygiene
  • Safety features
  • Special programs & amenities
  • Figuring out how to best preserve sentimental items

Daily Living Concept:

  • Feeding, grooming, oral hygiene, dressing, bathing & toileting
  • Cooking and basic money management
  • Environmental adaptations
  • Hydration and continence boost

8 weeks prior to the move:

  • Obtain quotes from moving assisted living. Talk with staff at the assisted living on your list for suggestions and recommendations
  • Start looking for a new physician 
  • Begin stocking up-on packing supplies, such as tape, boxes, and bubble wrap

6 – 7 weeks prior to the move:

  • Begin the activity of decluttering and cleaning out unneeded items
  • Start packing that is rarely used as suggested by senior move managers often suggests beginning in least-used rooms of the home
  • Make a final decision about the assisted living you want to move in and schedule a moving date

4 – 5 weeks prior to the move:

  • Make adaptations to cancel utility services, including electric and phone
  • Identify and pack valuable items that you can bring to assisted living
  • Start the change-of-address process with family, friends, creditors and health insurance providers

2 – 3 weeks prior to the move:

  • Finalize confirm the moving date and time with the assisted living
  • Make sure the senior has at least a 1 month supply of medications
  • Be sure to include the family and friends who will be assisting you
  • Bring your senior loved one to visit or schedule a virtual visit of assisted living to learn more

1 week prior to the move:

  • Arrange a get-together for your loved one to stay with a friend or family member the night before the move
  • Pack a suitcase of personal-care items your senior will need immediately after their arrival at the assisted living, such as medications, sheets & towels
  • Ask a family or friends to take your loved one out to lunch on moving day to avoid watching the movers load things

Two days prior to the move:

  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer
  • Check all closets, cabinets, and drawers to make sure nothing is left
  • Organize a cooler with beverages and food for moving day
  • Confirm moving arrangements and new address with the moving place
  • Verify your arrival time with the assisted living center

Moving day preparation

  • Strip beds and pack linens
  • Finish packing the cooler and suitcases
  • Create a low-stress atmosphere
  • Listen with compassion and patience to any fears or concerns
  • Remain positive when faced with negative comments, and remind your parents of all the benefits this new home offers
  • Try not to rush. be mindful that the entire packing, move and unpacking may not be finished in one day

Making the move to senior living/assisted living is a big undertaking. Positive attitude, your loved one can enjoy the benefits of making new relationships & friends, enjoying activities they once used to love, and receiving the right amount of care and support they need. 

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