Treat Alzheimer’s disease with Svayus

What is Svayus?

Svayus is a process through which elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia regain mental health and spiritual development in a holistic manner. It motivates proper functioning and strengthening of the areas of learning such as communication and language improvement, physical development, perception of the world and emotional and social improvement.

How it works?

Svayus is a therapeutic program which strives to enliven the previous memories through various actions and exercises, so as to help the person to apply such knowledge in their daily life which is necessary for them to function properly and lead a happy and meaningful life with his family and friends. Svayus aims at improving the human behavior and attitude in terms of all the five senses.

Alzheimer’s affects not only the individual suffering from it but the family members as well which makes treating it a necessity. Alzheimer’s patients can sometimes slip back to their childhood making patients not remember their institutions or hotels; they only remember the home where they grew up. This could mean staying at some facilities will lead to fights, depression, conflict and anxiety without the proper care they need from family members.

Role of the Svayus program centers:

The person should be brought to a suitable environment like a care home which houses more patients like him/her. Environment plays an important role in Svayus which should radiate positive vibes and be peaceful, clean and healthy for the appropriate mental state of the patient. The well being of the person should also be fostered with kindness to help recover the person’s lost memories . This program aids the family members of the patient to bond with him or her.  

The nurses and care givers in such homes cater to the individual needs of each patient and are compassionate about providing love and care to the patients. Patients are asked to actively participate and cooperate with the caregivers and increase their level of independence. The personality of each patient is also taken into consideration and education is provided daily. The patients are asked to perform certain daily life skills and movement skills through which they are taught to take care of themselves. Social interaction is encouraged and entertaining activities like dancing and singing are held to help support this. Proper meals are given to each patient for breakfast lunch and dinner as well.

Though Alzheimer’s spreads rapidly in a patient, if the patients can learn to take care of themselves it no longer remains a weakening disease. 

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