Every one of us begins to age the day we are born. Aging is unavoidable; however, certain facets of aging may be negotiated or delayed by engaging in a lifestyle that stimulates and facilitates healthy aging. I believe that age shouldn’t stop one from enjoying and living one’s life to the fullest. Old age should never prevent us from living our lives the way we always did. Everything we do at the Lantern revolves around our senior’s needs and preferences. We try to care for and serve the way they desire and prefer.

My staff and I believe that excellence in hospitality and care is a culture rather than a standard or an expectation. Our elderly seniors have worked and toiled all their lives and we believe that it is time for them to kick back, relax and have the time of their lives. It is our responsibility to create an environment and a lifestyle that enables our elderly seniors to live a life filled with quality and dignity. We strongly believe that we are our senior’s voice and advocate.

Thank you for giving my staff and me an opportunity to be a small part of your life. It is truly an honor and a privilege that you have chosen us to care for you. We appreciate the trust and the faith you have instilled in my staff and me to serve you and your family. My staff and I are very glad that you have chosen Lantern as your new home.

Jean Nesian

Welcome to Lantern Lifestyle!!
Always at your service,
Jean Makesh, CEO
The Lantern

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