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Lantern of Madison

Front Desk : 440-428-2664
Fax: 440-428-2665
Move In Inquiries - 440-388-0093

Lantern Of Chagrin Valley

Front Desk : 440-996-5084
Fax: 440-338-1435
Move In Inquiries - 440-305-5175

Lantern Of Saybrook

Front Desk : 440-261-3100
Fax: 440-992-0416
Move In Inquiries - 440-709-8231

If you would like to send a letter/note to your loved one, please do so within the FORM below along with your information. In addition to your information we will need to know the following within the message content:

  • Resident name or room number

Your message will be sent to the Community Marketing Director to ensure that we get your message to your loved one appropiately.

-Lantern Living Marketing and Communications Team

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