Would you believe, balanced nutritious consumption of food would reduce or eliminate the need for medications?

How nutrition is important for seniors?

Good nutrition is important to ensure healthier living for seniors who tend to be at elevated risk of mental problems and chronic illnesses. A well-balanced diet is key to reducing the loss of bone strength that comes with aging for example, while certain nutrients can help improve muscle strength and reduce atrophy to improve balance. With a strategic nutrition plan in place, a senior loved one is less likely to fall ill and enjoys high energy levels that enable them to keep active and pursue their hobbies and happiness. Moreover, good nutrition has been shown to increase one’s life span by up to 10 years.

At Lantern Lifestyle, we believe in a three-pronged approach to elderly wellness that encompasses the right supplements, diet, and exercise plans. We have a licensed nutritionist at the beck and call of our community to implement our holistic approach to wellness and nutrition. In the end, we are able to make dietary changes for our residents as necessary, encouraging them to understand and see through the choices of food. Ultimately, good nutrition and hydration also go a long way to safeguard skin health and preserve a youthful look. That’s in addition to improving circulation, nervous system health, heart health, and general body well-being.

Lantern offers programs and seminars, which teach you about such things that may be lurking in your body and how you can free your system of these menaces.

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