Though, our communities are open for in-person visit, we would like to continue to make virtual visits available to families that desire to communicate and engage with their loved one virtually. We understand the use of technology can be a daunting task. We will help your loved ones at every step and assist them to get on the video call in a private environment. Please follow the instructions below to schedule a time to virtually visit your loved one. We understand using technology to communicate is not ideal and may be challenging for some of you; however, we hope to make this a seamless experience and we will be available to assist as needed.


Lantern of Chagrin Telephone : 440-996-5084

Lantern of Saybrook Telephone : 440-261-3100

Lantern of Madison Telephone : 440-428-2664


Here are the instructions

1. We would like your loved one to be ready for your virtual visit; please click on the link below to schedule a visit. Due to high call volumes and long wait times, we have automated the scheduling process; please use the link below to schedule a visit. Alternatively, if you need assistance, call our community at one of the numbers listed above to schedule a time for your virtual visit. The link uses the same scheduling system used by our staff. To avoid long wait times on the phone, please use the respective community link below. Once the visit is scheduled you will be notified via email. This email will provide information about your scheduled event and also provide links to cancel or reschedule your visit in the event you need them.

2. We have chosen to use Skype for your virtual visit; please download and install Skype on your computer or mobile device. Please watch the video below to learn how to set up Skype

3. Add one of the following to your Skype contacts to contact our community.
To reach your loved one in the Chagrin community, add to the contact “lantern chagrin”
To reach your loved one in the Madison community, add to contact “lantern Madison”
To reach your loved one in the Saybrook community, add to contact “lantern Saybrook”

4. Watch the video below to install, add a contact, and call using Skype.


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