Neural Bridge

Neural Bridge is an exercise and an activity routine that utilizes daily natural movements to promote brain health. The exercise routines use the common daily natural motion patterns through various brain drills to improve blood flow to the human brain. Blood carries essential nutrients to the brain.

The growth and development of the human brain begins in the mother’s womb. For proper growth and development, the body requires good nutrition and various experiences. Experiences are a form of challenges and demands that are placed on a human brain. The experiences subject the human brain to new learning.

Nutrition is essential for continued growth and development of the human brain. Per researchers’ human brain don’t cease to evolve and will continue to grow and evolve on demand. Information from various research outlets indicates that the human brain is plastic and can be molded to the shape and form one desires. In other words, if the human brain is exercised along with proper nutrition, it will continue to evolve, grow, and stay healthy. Neural Bridge incorporates various natural motions into brain drills to facilitate brain health.

Neural Bridge is a brain health program designed to trigger, stimulate, build, and strengthen physical abilities and cognitive capacity. The primary objective of the Neural Bridge program is to improve attention span and to trigger and retrieve older memories. The goal is to utilize the improved attention span and memories to nurture and facilitate newer learning and to promote independence in the areas of activities of daily living and mobility.

The Neural bridge program entails a consistent and constant repetition of exercises that incorporate motions of activities of daily living functions. Through exercises and activities, basic learning areas could be reinforced and fostered to influence retention and possibly develop lost functions.

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