The Lantern at the World Government Summit

The World Government Summit is an annual gathering of the top leaders from the public and private sectors across the globe. With over 100 distinguished speakers and 4,000 attendees, the WGS comes together and discusses the future of governments around the world, as well as how to improve the lives of their citizens. Along with the world’s innovators, over 120 sessions and activities covered the conference floors, including the assisted living and dementia care communities, The Lantern, represented by CEO Jean Makesh and President Sapna Dhawan.


The Lantern (assisted living) and Svayus (dementia care) are located in Northeast Ohio. The facilities are designed to use all of a client’s senses to fight dementia, and encourage them to participate in activities that will increase life expectancy and promote a healthy aging process. As of today, there are 3 active facilities with 1 currently in construction.


Jean and Sapna communicated to leaders, reporters, and attendees how their programs and models are the stepping stones to fight dementia, and empower those with dementia to lead a purposeful and meaningful life.

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